RAD is a commercial boutique founded by Director Travis Kopach, VFX Artist Daniel Raschko and Producer Kevin Alfoldy.


We handle everything from Production to Post-Production to Visual Effects to Acronym Creation for RAD BRANDS, RAD AGENCIES AND RAD PEOPLE.


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Kopach grew up in rural Pennsylvania and spent the majority of his youth going to shows.  “We’d travel to New York, Rhode Island, Boston and even New Jersey - Just to see a relatively unknown band and of course skate some new spots.”


Ultimately seeing bands like Braid, The Get Up Kids & Hot Water Music in DIY style basement settings, community centers and VFW halls would shape Kopach’s love for music and career as a Director.


“It was a crazy time, undiscovered musicians everywhere, a car full of friends and barely enough money for gas.  Mainstream society hated everything about us.  But I loved it – it made me who I am – and years later - everything they hated and we loved became mainstream culture.”


Kopach moved to San Francisco to study Film and Editing at the Academy of Art. He graduated in 2002. He worked under the mentorship of Mike Elliott at Mad River Post between 2002-2005 and as an editor for the Now Corporation from 2005-2006.


He also directed under production companies FM Rocks, Refused TV & DNA before starting his own production company.


Since then Kopach has directed videos for AFI, Kid Rock, Michelle Branch, Panic! At The Disco, Cody Simpson, Hinder, Breathe Carolina, All Time Low, 3Oh!3, Boys Like Girls, Straylight Run and Sick Puppies to name a few.


He draws inspiration from a wide-array of artists such as Fellini, Kafka, Thompson & Truffaut - but also from traveling the world. "Traveling gives me ideas. Without experience there are no ideas."


He lives in New York and Los Angeles.